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Goat's Milk Harvest: Handcrafted Treasures from the Farm

"Elevate Your Self-Care Routine with Farm-Fresh Goodness: From Soaps to Pet Shampoos, Our Goat Milk Creations Nourish Every Inch!"

Everyday Indulgence Collection

Indulge in the pure essence of farm-fresh goodness with our handcrafted goat milk products. From our gentle soaps to luxurious lotions and soothing lip balms, each item is meticulously crafted with care using all-natural ingredients sourced straight from our own goats and enriched with nourishing shea butter. Feel the difference as our products lavish your skin with hydration, leaving it soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Experience the natural beauty of goat milk and treat yourself to a pampering routine that's as kind to your skin as it is to the environment.

Brand Story

Sunshine Natural Soap from Texas

Welcome to Sunshine Natural Soap, where the beauty of nature meets the science of skincare. Founded by Jessica Rico, a dedicated goat farmer and loving mother from Muenster, Texas, our brand was born out of necessity and a passion for helping others. What began as a solution for her son's severe eczema evolved into a range of goat milk products that have transformed the lives of many. Our honey oatmeal soap and milk bubble bath are just a few examples of the miracles goat milk can work on dry, irritated skin. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, goat’s milk not only hydrates and repairs the skin but also fights acne and prevents wrinkles. At Sunshine Natural Soap, customers aren't just customers; they're part of the family, supporting Jessica's dream of sustainable goat farming. Join us in embracing the natural goodness of goat milk and experiencing the radiant benefits it brings to your skin. Welcome to the Sunshine Natural Soap Family!

EcoSuds Dish Bar

Introducing our EcoSuds Dish Bar, crafted with care using a blend of nourishing olive and coconut oils, enriched with essential oils. Created with a commitment to reducing plastic waste and enhancing convenience, this innovative dish bar offers a sustainable solution for your kitchen cleaning needs. Formulated to effectively cut through grease and grime, while remaining gentle on your hands and the environment, our EcoSuds Dish Bar leaves dishes sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to a greener, more convenient dishwashing experience with our EcoSuds Dish Bar.

Bundle & Save: Natural Goat's Milk Chapstick Duo

Buy 2 for $5.00

Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a natural solution that soothes and moisturizes with every application. Experience the benefits of goat's milk, known for its hydrating properties, in a convenient chapstick form. Keep your lips kissably soft and healthy with our Natural Goat's Milk Chapstick.

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”We originally got this soap to help with my son’s eczema, which was amazing. My son has very sensitive skin and recently got a mysterious rash/bumps all over. We tried everything you can think of to help. We decided to try this soap to see if it would help, and all the bumps shrunk and reduced in redness by the next morning! Thank you for an amazing product!”

– Karen

“I ordered 2 coconut and got a free berry explosion soap. The soap leaves your skin soft and the smell isn’t too overpowering. I’m very satisfied with my purchase”

– Dallas

“I love the Goat Soap. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I’ve been using this soap for over a year now and love it!”

– Debbie